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Welcome to Your New Infiniti Lease

It’s easy to be intimidated and overwhelmed by the Infiniti leasing process. For years, the brand has been synonymous with wealth, power, sophistication and luxury. While Infiniti continues to become one of the leading luxury automotive brands in the country, and for good reason, Car Leasing Bronx continues to offer the absolute lowest prices and flexible leases on our inventory. Whether you’re a first-time Infiniti driver looking to upgrade, or you’re a veteran of the brand, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Car Leasing Bronx offers the largest selection in the Bronx City area, and we are confident that we can find the perfect Infiniti for you. Call us today at 347-523-5600. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Right Infiniti for You

At Car Leasing Bronx, we understand that Infiniti drivers are accustomed to a certain standard or service and choice. This is why we proudly offer the latest models of low-mileage Infinities, including but not limited to:

  • Q30 Hatchback
  • Q40 Sedan
  • Q50 Hybrid
  • Q50 Sedan
  • Q60 Convertible
  • Q60 Coupe
  • Q70 Hybrid
  • Q70 Sedan
  • QX30 SUV
  • QX50 SUV
  • QX60 Hybrid
  • QX60 SUV
  • QX70 SUV
  • QX80 SUV

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to something a little more sporty and luxurious or need to upgrade to welcome the new addition in your family, Car Leasing Bronx has every type of Infiniti could want at a price you can comfortably afford each month. If you are unhappy in your current lease, we can help you explore cost-effective options for early exit. We offer new Infiniti deals every day.

Next-Level Customer Service On Your Infiniti Lease

It’s not only our enormous selection and rock-bottom prices that set us apart from the competition. We also offer quality guidance and expert insight regarding your options for lease termination, transfer and exit. Life can change in the blink of an eye and the car that worked for you last year may not work for you anymore. We’re committed to helping our customers drive the latest-model and lowest-mileage Infiniti cars or trucks regardless of their current lease status. Call our experienced and qualified professionals today so we can discuss your options and how to move forward in your new Infiniti car lease.

Feel the Power of Your New Infiniti Today

At Car Leasing Bronx, our primary ambition is to make the auto leasing process a convenient and enjoyable experience for our lessees. We accomplish this through a combination of revolutionary customer-focused service practices, including completely online shopping, free delivery to your home or office, lease termination assistance and flexible lease agreements. Don’t get discouraged or overwhelmed by the logistics of old-fashioned auto leasing. The experienced and qualified team at Car Leasing Bronx is ready to help you choose your next car or truck in comfort and style. Call us today at 347-523-5600 so we can get you on the road in your new vehicle.